Friday, July 5, 2013

Episode 6

Lily  told her mom that they had to leave the house by 10:15 so they would be on time for the flight.

They got to Genevieve and Dylan's house at 4 in the afternoon.  Everyone was excited to see each other.  They hugged and screeched until all the adults sent them outside to play.

Genevieve wanted to show Lily what was growing in her garden.  She had six rows of plants.

The first row contained 8 pepper plants.  The second row contained 12 heads of lettuce.  In the third row there were 9 long poles with bean vines curling around them.  In the next row there were 15 carrots.  Next to that row there were 10 strawberry plants.  In the last row there were 16 sunflowers with their faces turned to the sun.

"Wow" said Lily.  "You have a farm here!"

Genevieve giggled.  "It is not as big as a farm, it is just our vegetable garden.  When the crops grow we harvest and eat them."

How many plants did Genevieve have from which she could get crops?  Answer in the comment section or by emailing me at

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